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Understanding Cause & Effect!

Hey guys it’s me Prady!

I was so upset with my mom. Let me tell you why?

My mom received a mail from my mentor saying I was not answering the questions asked in the class and was not participating. She had mentioned that I even missed to log off from the google classroom even after the class was long over. 

My mom after receiving this mail got very furious with me. She was angry and added software to my laptop to monitor what I’m doing. She mentioned this mail from the mentor and told me that from then onwards she will be checking on what I am doing with my laptop.

Guess what, I was upset and angry too after this because this software did not allow me to open a few apps that I used to use, gave me time limits on browsing, did not allow me to comment on youtube videos and chat with my friends. I was disappointed with my mom for doing this to me. 

Hey Prady, Bodhi here.. I know you might be disappointed but look beyond this and see what caused it?

Bodhi Says

Later she gave me this worksheet and asked me to reflect on this incident. This worksheet is about cause and effect concept. You too can download and use this, click here. With this reflective activity I understood many things, here are a few for you to know…

Effect: What were the results?

  1. Activity monitoring app installation
  2. My inability to use the laptop like I used to do before
  3. Feeling of disappointment with my mom
  4. My mom’s anger because of this mail

Cause: What caused this result?

  1. My inattentiveness in class
  2. Distractions that I was unable to control 
  3. Indiscipline on my part of doing something else while class was going on
  4. My excitement about getting to use the laptop itself in the first place
  5. I love sitting in a class, but in an online class, I was unable to concentrate

After doing this exercise I felt relaxed because I was able to see why my mentor or my mom would have been upset with me. It is not wrong to watch videos or chat with friends but surely not during class hours. I understand this from all the perspectives and got to know that my actions only caused this for me. My mom did not put this app when she gave me the laptop, it was done only after I was not using it properly. I have made a promise to myself that I will never do this again. Now the app is giving my mom zero results of browsing during class hours…

It is easy to understand ourselves if we sit calmy and reflect, this will help you to connect with me, together we can find amazing solutions.

Bodhi Says

Yes I did connect with my inner Bodhi, to understand myself better. You too can do it. 

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