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Create A Vision Board With Your Child

A vision board is basically putting your goals to a physical form. It helps you gain focus and have clarity towards your goals. It basically involves displaying images to represent what you want to be or have and even what you already are and perhaps wish to improve. 

Creating a vision board with your child has numerous benefits:

  1. Performing this activity with your children acts as a kind of bonding activity between you and your children. 
  2. Putting your goals and achievements on paper or in physical form, stimulates a sort of realisation of how much we are actually capable of 
  3. It keeps you motivated. Having the vision board in front of you everyday is a constant reminder of the things you have to achieve in the upcoming days/ months or years. 
  4. It keeps you focused towards your goals
  5. Visualizing our goals keeps us closer to achieving them and makes the process seem easier. 

What will you need: 

  1. Chart paper 
  2. Scissors 
  3. Glue 
  4. Old newspaper/ magazines 
  5. Sketch pens 

How to create a vision board: 

Step 1: get your materials ready 

Step 2: go through the old newspaper and magazines and cut out the pictures or words that represent you and your goals

Step 3: get creative! Paste those cut outs on the chart paper in any way you wish to. Decorate your vision board however you want!

Some Vision boards that you may use for inspiration:

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