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Create A Vision Board With Your Child

A vision board is basically putting your goals to a physical form. It helps you gain focus and have clarity towards your goals. It basically involves displaying images to represent what you want to be or have and even what you already are and perhaps wish to improve.  Creating a vision board with your child

5 Ways For Digital Detoxing

It is no news that the amount of technology we need in our lives today is quite excessive. Whether it is watching movies,studying, going places or even playing a couple of video games, our world revolves around technology nowadays.It is always an ongoing cycle of switching between apps and gadgets and soon enough we realise

3 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself To Overcome Procrastination

Too Boring ! Oh it’s Frustrating ! I don’t want to do it ! It’s Difficult !  What if i do it tomorrow? These are very familiar dialogues we parents hear our children use quite often! Do you know that these are the first step to “procrastination”? Procrastination is an unhealthy habit, hinders growth, achievements