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Impulse Control, How I Learnt It?

Hey guys it’s me Prady!  Welcome back to my blog 😀  One morning I was walking around mindlessly, getting ready for online school, and then this happened…. My mom said: “Prady you should reduce your anime time or just stop it and do something productive”  I replied “WHAAA stop anime??? No way! If you want

Power Of Effort Meter

Hey guys it’s me Prady welcome back to my blog! I was extremely poor at Hindi. I hated the subject because I couldn’t understand a thing and then I got really bad marks in third grade (I’m in sixth now :D). This made me dislike the subject even more, I struggled with it.  Hey Prady,

Understanding Cause & Effect!

Hey guys it’s me Prady! I was so upset with my mom. Let me tell you why? My mom received a mail from my mentor saying I was not answering the questions asked in the class and was not participating. She had mentioned that I even missed to log off from the google classroom even