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Impulse Control, How I Learnt It?

Hey guys it’s me Prady!  Welcome back to my blog 😀  One morning I was walking around mindlessly, getting ready for online school, and then this happened…. My mom said: “Prady you should reduce your anime time or just stop it and do something productive”  I replied “WHAAA stop anime??? No way! If you want

Create A Vision Board With Your Child

A vision board is basically putting your goals to a physical form. It helps you gain focus and have clarity towards your goals. It basically involves displaying images to represent what you want to be or have and even what you already are and perhaps wish to improve.  Creating a vision board with your child

Dealing With Disappointment

Dealing with disappointment Sometimes do you feel like your friend has disappointed you? Or let you down? It could be something just as simple as cancelling on your lunch plans for the day. Here is what you can do in such situations:  Tell yourself that it’s okay to feel the way you are currently feeling. 

Overcoming A Situation Using Selftalk

Hi! Its me, Amee! In this blog, I am sharing with you a situation I overcame and how! Hope you enjoy 🙂  In these testing times of the coronavirus, life seems to be a lot more tough than normal. Adjusting to this massive change has been especially difficult for everyone. For me, the most difficult

Power Of Effort Meter

Hey guys it’s me Prady welcome back to my blog! I was extremely poor at Hindi. I hated the subject because I couldn’t understand a thing and then I got really bad marks in third grade (I’m in sixth now :D). This made me dislike the subject even more, I struggled with it.  Hey Prady,

Understanding Cause & Effect!

Hey guys it’s me Prady! I was so upset with my mom. Let me tell you why? My mom received a mail from my mentor saying I was not answering the questions asked in the class and was not participating. She had mentioned that I even missed to log off from the google classroom even