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Power Of Effort Meter

Hey guys it’s me Prady welcome back to my blog!

I was extremely poor at Hindi. I hated the subject because I couldn’t understand a thing and then I got really bad marks in third grade (I’m in sixth now :D). This made me dislike the subject even more, I struggled with it. 

Hey Prady, Dont be disappointed with your marks.. See if you have put in enough effort to get the results you want.. 

Bodhi Says

When I was in fourth grade, I wanted to do something about, I listen toBodhi and asked my mother if I can take some additional classes for Hindi. My mother found a teacher near my home. Twice a week I had classes with the tutor. Trust me I had to start from the alphabets for Hindi. I started understanding the subject more and more. I started putting in more efforts. This happened after I really understood the concept of effort meter. 

The results of what we get is directly connected to the efforts we put in. The effort meter shows this very clearly. I used the enclosed worksheet to see where I was and where I wanted to be. 

In Hindi I put more effort than before and got better marks, I even got the highest marks in the class in grade 5! I understood more and more about it and now I put lots of effort into everything I do. Apart from other this I use it with my other subject too. I have started taking notes, listen in class, pay attention when I study and now I score good marks on every exam because I put more effort into it. 

Here are a few key pointers on the effort meter:

  • The more effort you put the better result you get.
  • Don’t put too much effort into something unnecessary.
  • Do not blame anything else when desired results are not achieved, review and look at the efforts that you have put into it. 
  • Don’t get distracted by time wasters they will reduce your effort.
  • Remember that you can make it happen

What you achieve is directly proportional to the efforts you put in, reflect back on what and how you did to achieve a certain result..

Bodhi Says

When I understood this concept of effort meter, I enjoyed it ! Hope you will use and benefit from it too.  

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