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Impulse Control, How I Learnt It?

Hey guys it’s me Prady!  Welcome back to my blog 😀 

One morning I was walking around mindlessly, getting ready for online school, and then this happened….

My mom said: “Prady you should reduce your anime time or just stop it and do something productive” 

I replied “WHAAA stop anime??? No way! If you want I can try to stop myself from watching for the whole of today.”

Hey Prady, It is challenging to stop yourself from doing things really pulls you, but being mindful about how it can disturb you will make you a different person… Try it out, you can do it.. 

Bodhi Says

Then we got into an argument and later I decided that just that day I will not watch anime. My usual routine for the day would be, after my online school, I would eat lunch and sit down to watch anime till I have any other class to attend or have a call with my friends. If I was very bored then I would learn new and complicated songs like megolovania etc. The reason i started watching anime was because it was fun and easy… I would also draw a few characters like youtubers, cartoon characters and more. So I got into the habit of watching anime. I used to watch 3 hours or even more anime a day!


Here’s how I managed to last a day without anime and many other days after this.. Here are some questions I asked myself and found answers

  • Why do I watch it? 
  • Is it helpful to me?
  • Does this do anything bad to me? 
  • Does this distract me from my other important activities?
  • Do I have a time that I stick to while watching it?
  • Are there any other things like drawing or playing my guitar which I can substitute for it?

When I was able to think of these questions, it made me understand that I am overdoing it. Now I only watch 1 or max 1 and half hours a day and it slowly became a part of my daily routine that day when my mom told me to not watch anime. It was hard, but I controlled myself from watching any anime 😀

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