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5 Ways For Digital Detoxing

It is no news that the amount of technology we need in our lives today is quite excessive. Whether it is watching movies,studying, going places or even playing a couple of video games, our world revolves around technology nowadays.It is always an ongoing cycle of switching between apps and gadgets and soon enough we realise that we depend on these gadgets to work, relax, pass time and entertain ourselves.


In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association recognised “internet gaming disorder” as a condition recommended for further research in the most recent version of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) used by psychologists and psychiatrists to diagnose mental health conditions. Although addiction to digital devices or media is not formally addressed yet, there is much ongoing research on addictive behaviour to technology in children.


I’m here to give you 5 ways to disconnect from the world of technology

  1. Get fresh air

Getting a good dose of fresh air everyday is extremely important. Ride a bike, go on a walk or a small jog around the area you live in.

  1. Talk to someone

Go meet a friend living nearby or talk to someone at home. Perhaps grab a cup of milk or tea with a loved one as you share how your day has been.

  1. Meditate

It may be difficult to meditate for a long period of time. You only get better by practice so a little bit of meditation everyday does no harm. Read our 4-7-8 meditation blog to guide you on a possible method you may use.

  1. Find a hobby

Spend some time doing something you love. It can be painting, reading, drawing anything you like. This helps our minds relax much more than we realise.

  1. Do some physical activity

Engaging in physical activities releases endorphins in our body and stimulates blood circulation. This is really good for our muscles and organs to stay fit. A small run around your building or some yoga is perfect.


I hope these ways to disconnect make a huge difference in your wellbeing. Happy living 🙂



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