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Dealing With Disappointment

Dealing with disappointment

Sometimes do you feel like your friend has disappointed you? Or let you down? It could be something just as simple as cancelling on your lunch plans for the day. Here is what you can do in such situations: 


  1. Tell yourself that it’s okay to feel the way you are currently feeling. 

Being disappointed in someone sometimes brings feelings of sadness, anger and sometimes even makes us feel anxious. We may go on to thinking that they do not like us,or they are not comfortable around us. Allow yourself to feel this way. It is normal.  

  1. Think about why you are feeling that way 

Why are you feeling betrayed? Think about what it meant to you. Ask yourself whether you are okay with the fact that what you had planned is not happening? 

  1. What can you do now?

Are there ways that you can postpone your plans to another day? Plan for a reschedule. Try to write down the process including the feelings you went through. 

  1. Decide whether you need to speak up

Is it appropriate to talk to the person about your feelings? Analyse whether they will get the message or not. Think about the outcome of the conversation. If you decide to speak up, take a mindful approach rather than anger or yelling. 


When people let you down, remind yourself that you are your own best friend. Remind yourself that other people’s actions cannot hurt you. We allow others’ actions to disappoint us. It’s a choice we have. Our mind is so powerful! You can choose to ignore these actions and not let them affect you.  


We can choose to feel disappointed and stay there or choose to think and overcome the situation. Accept the incident and figure out what to do. Most importantly, learn from the situation and come back even stronger. 

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