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Study Secrets From Me To You

Hi! Remember me? I’m your inner Bodhi!. I’m going to show you some of my fun tricks that help me study well.

  1. Play time and study time 

Let me tell you my biggest secret to study well. In the morning, I wake up and decide that today, from 3-5 PM I will study and then play after my work is over. You can decide a time for yourself to study and then enjoy your play time!


2. Colors everywhere! 

I love colors!. If you do too, you can use colored papers and pens to study! Look at one of my study sheets!

3. Mind maps

Mind maps are like a huge connection of information. We can just make short notes and connect them for us to remember better. Let me show you my mind map!

These are some of my tricks for studying well! I hope they helped you! Stay tuned for more tricks and Happy studying!

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