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Get To Know Yourself

We know of our likes and dislikes. There is a difference between knowing ourselves and understanding ourselves. Oftentimes, we are confused about certain emotions and feelings we go through. Why do we feel this way? How do we handle these feelings? Understanding ourselves involves evaluating and aligning our thoughts and emotions. 

“Take a deep breath and try to understand who you are”

 We humans are filled up with feelings. These emotions can take us up or down the hill. To understand our reactions and ourselves through our feelings, the step one is to become aware of them. 

It is important to keep track of the feelings we experience in order to understand why we feel that way. After doing this, we have to analyse our feelings and modify our behaviors accordingly so that we feel positive, happy and are aware of our thoughts and feelings. 

Below is attached a “feelings tracker” printable worksheet that you can use to help you track your feelings and analyse them. Once you do this for 30 days you will be able to notice the pattern of your emotions. It will be a good insight to know yourself better.

“Take time to get to know yourself, it will be very very helpful!” 

 Happy living 🙂

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